Past programs

Summer 2015

Hummock-scale analyses of Pterocarpus officinalis stem structure over time
Diamonique Clark and Tamara Heartsill Scalley

Implementing a Gap Technique to Observe White Rot and Decomposition during a Drought in El Yunque National Forest, Puerto Rico
Karina D. Escobar and Sharon A. Cantrell

Factors regulating the distribution and abundance of Sicydium spp. (Gobiidae, Perciformes) in headwater streams within El Yunque National Forest, Puerto Rico
Guido A. Herrera-R and Pedro J. Torres

Does resource availability affect food preference and biomass of a collector-gatherer mayfly?
Ashley Mariani Ríos and Keysa Rosas

Historical Land Use and the Distribution, Growth and Reproductive Success of Wullschlaegelia calcarata, a Mycoheterotrophic Tropical Orchid
Stephen McAuliffe and James D. Ackerman

Variations in Web Structures of Tropical Orb-weaving Spiders
Trinity Walls, Sean P. Kelly

The role of dominant shrimp Atya lanipes (Atyidae) in organic matter processing in tropical streams
Andrea P. Manzano Castro & Pablo E. Gutiérrez Fonseca

Effectiveness of Basidiomycota and Ascomycota at Cycling Phosphorus after hurricane disturbance
Mareli Sanchez, Sarah Stankavich, D. Jean Lodge

Summer 2014

The Effects of Simulated Acid Rain on Web-spinning Spiders in the Luquillo Experimental Forest
Yuliana Rowe-Gaddy and Sean Kelly

Investigating the effect of Land‐Use and the Environment on Woody Debris Deposition and Carbon Stocks of a Subtropical Wet Forest in Puerto Rico
Katharine Walston and Aaron Hogan

Effects of nutrient additions on soil in Puerto Rican rainforest three years after the end of the fertilization experiment
Ismarie Santiago and Daniela Cusack

Experimental acidification effects on aquatic macroinvertebrates in a tropical stream
Crystal Purcell and Pablo E. Gutierrez-Fonseca

Effects of discharge on leaf litter decomposition in a tropical stream
Jessica Macer and Keysa Rosas

Fitness of four Epiphytic Orchids Associated with Phorophyte Preferences
Edgardo Santiago Rivera and James Ackerman

The role of Phylloicus pulchrus (Trichoptera: Calamoceratidae) in the decomposition of leaf litter: evaluating leaf species and case building effects
Limarie Reyes and Pedro Torres

Factors controlling macroinvertebrate assemblages in two streams with contrasting macroconsumer abundances
Bethany Vázquez and Alonso Ramírez

Summer 2013

Influence of habitat elevation and flower visitor on plant reproductive Success of Pitcairnia angustifolia var. simplicior (Bromeliaceae)
Wilmarie Colon Alvarado and Jose Fumero Caban

Effects of Long-term leaf litter reduction on leaf litter decomposition and macroinvertebrate communities
Emily R. Gelzer and Keysa Rosas

The abundance and distribution of Brevipalpus mites in the residential Rio Piedras Watershed of San Juan’s Metropolitan Area
Amanda Henderson, Elvia Melendez-Ackerman, Jose Carlos V. Rodrigues and Cristina Villa

Experimental acidification effects on the survival and growth rate of Leptophlebiidae family (Ephemeroptera)
Ismael Orengo and Pablo Gutierrez-Fonseca

Biofilms respond unexpectedly to urbanization at any level, driving the idea that patterns may be hydrology—not pollutant driven
Brandy E. Pieper and Sofia Burgos-Caraballo

Aspects of the natural history of an urban population of Eleutherodactylus brittoni in Puerto Rico
Elena Venable and Adriana Herrera-Montes

Stream Proximity and Tetragnathidae Web Inclination along a Tropical Headwater Stream in Puerto Rico
Kirsten Verster and Sean Kelly

Summer 2012

Diversity of riparian vegetation along an urban gradient and its effects in the biomass and metabolism of microbial community
Angelica Cruz and Sofia Burgos

Amphidromous fishes of Puerto Rico: Post larval morphology and recruitment timing
Maureen Duffy and Augustin Engman

Long-term fertilization effect on tropical rainforest
Kathryn Gaasch and Daniela Cusack

Post-hurricane leaf-litter exclusion simulation and its effects on decapod populations in the Luquillo Experimental Forest, Puerto Rico
Kristina Krone and Omar Perez

Woody species composition in mature secondary forests along an urbanization gradient in Northeastern Puerto Rico
Nicholas Mills and Adriana Herrera

The effects of a successful invasion of the exotic orchid Oeceoclades maculata on its neighboring native orchids
Jonathan Molinari and James Ackerman

The relationship between the invasive fresh water snail, Tarebia granifera, and litter processing
Emmanuel Rivera and Keysa Rosas

Human disturbance effects on understory epiphytes in Puerto Rico’s Luquillo Experimental Forest
Victoria Zamora and Tamara Hearthill

Summer 2011

How Xiphocaris elongata populations respond to urban stream conditions
Ashley Curry and Omar Perez

Social- economic factors that relate plant diversity in Rio Piedras watershed 
Cristina Pilar Vila Ruiz and Elvia Melendez-Ackerman

Epiphyte Abundance and Diversity on Sierra Palms (Prestoea acuminata var. montana): Effects of Palm Age, Surface Area and Densities 
Whitney Reyes and James Ackerman

Gumfoot substrate preference in Latrodectus geometricus (Aranae: Theridiidae) web 
Lelanee Ortiz Rivas and Pablo Gutiérrez

Stream metabolism along an urbanization gradient 
Marisa Cross and Keysa Rosas

Invertebrate drift dispersal in response to predatory fish chemical cues in a tropical island stream
Stephanie Simpson and Checo Colon-Gaud

Effects of hurricane disturbance on leaf breakdown and metabolic processes in neotropical headwater streams 
Steve Strella and Pedro Torres 

Effects of extreme pHs on the growth and survival of Leptophlebiidae mayfly nymphs 
Jacob Menken and Alonso Ramirez

Summer 2010

Diversity and community composition of canopy and understory insects at El Verde Tropical Rainforest
Edgar Castro and Jose Fumero

The effects of non-native and native stream macroconsumers on aquatic insect growth
Emmanuel Fernandez and Pedro Torres

Plantation species as catalysts for native forest succession in tropical forest: a long-term perspective
Jacob Gaster and Elvia Melendez-Ackerman

The effects of land use on enzymatic activity in the Turabo watershed 
Ashley Golphin, Sofia Burgos and Alonso Ramirez

The effects of microhabitat variability on intra-annual tree seedling mortality in a montane tropical forest
Omar Gutierrez and Chris Nytch

Leaf or let die on the rocks: Leptophlebiidae responses to Xiphocaris elongata
Nicholas Macias and Checo Colon-Gaud

Root nodulation in the wetland tree Pterocarpus officinalis along coastal and montane systems of northeast of Puerto Rico
Rachel Perez and Tamara Hearthill

Microhabitat use by the Sycidiine Gobies of Rio Sonadora
Kimberly Pigford and Augustin Engman

Factors controlling insect assemblages in headwater streams along an elevation gradient
Evelyn Boardman and Keysa Rosas

Summer 2009 

Unexpected generalized pollination system in a tropical island herb, Heliconia caribaea
Stephanie Cruz Maysonet and Elvia Melendez-Ackerman

A River Continuum: Diversity of Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Assemblages in Sonadora Stream, Puerto Rico
Maria Alejandra Bernard Flores and Alonso Ramirez.

Assessing Macroconsumer Influence on Benthic Sediments in Tropical Headwater Streams 
Annette Negroni-Miranda and Checo Colon-Gaud

Relationships between Habitat and Native fish Community in the Rio Piedras 
Kousei Martin Perales and Augustin Engman

Temporal Variation of Air Temperature in Edge Gradients due to Canopy Openings in the Luquillo Experimental Forest, Puerto Rico 
Barzin Yousef Nabet and Fred Scatena

Reproductive biology of a rewardless, epiphytic orchid in Puerto Rico, Pleurothallis ruscifolia 
Paul James CaraDonna and James Ackerman

Hummingbird visitation patterns to different plant species with tubular flowers 
Xavier Jaime Davila and Jose Fumero

Effects of stem density and stream proximity on spider community structure
Brad Nelson and Paul Klawinski

Effects of Macroconsumers on Leaf Litter Decomposition in a Tropical Headwater Stream: Are Shrimps More Active at Night? 
Caitlin Marie Shea and Pedro Torres

Reproductive cycles and the temporal and spatial distribution of post disturbance freshwater shrimp in ephemeral streams
Tanner John Williamson and Omar Perez-Reyes

Summer 2008

Light environments and plant recruitment in subtropical wet forest community within different past land use history
Eric Botts and Denny Fernandez

Orchid phorophytic interactions: Exploring vegetative adaptation of tropical epiphytic orchids 
Maria Carr and James D. Ackerman

Abundance and behavior of a litter snail (Megalomastoma croceum) in Puerto Rico 
Daniel M. Dlugos and Chelse Prather

The relation between biodiversity and ecosystem function: Do insects consume leaf litter in tropical stream in Puerto Rico?
Vilmarie Figueroa-Nieves and Alonso Ramirez

Influence of Moss Thickness and Stream Current on the Distribution of a Lepanthes (Orchideceae) on Quebraba Sonadora
Juan G. García Cancel, Elvia Melendéz-Ackerman, Paola Olaya, and Nadia Paola

The responses of Puerto Rican spider communities to disturbance in different forest types 
Matthew Nielsen and Paul Klawinski

Reproductive biology of Lepanthes selenitepala and Lepanthes rubripetala: Two endemic orchids of Puerto Rico
Elana Peach-Fine and Jose J. Fumero-Caban

Analysis of dissolved organic carbon quality in two tropical Puerto Rican streams receiving sewage 
Maylen Perez and Jorge Ortiz

Summer 2007 

Preliminary assessment of bee abundance and species diversity in different forest and coastal habitats in Puerto Rico
Lourdes Carballo Crespo and Jose Fumero

Hydrological Significance of Moss Lines in Montane Streams of the Luquillo Experimental Forest
Christina Catanese and Fred Scatena

The distribution of the invasive, terrestrial orchid, Oeceoclades maculata: Does land use history, soil or slope of the terrain matter?
Ian M. Cohen and James D. Ackerman

Palatability of leaf litter conditioned by white-rot vs. non-white-rot fungi to leaf shredders in a freshwater stream
Michelle de Jesus and Jean Lodge

Who eats more in tropical streams: shrimp or insects? 
Nelmarie Landrau Giovannetti and Alonso Ramirez

Land Use and Elevation Effects on Spider Species Composition in the Luquillo Mountains, Puerto Rico 
Mackenzie Malloch and Paul Klawinski

Earthworm abundance and species composition: comparison of teak plantations (Tectona grandis) and secondary forests in Puerto Rico
Esther Morales Vega and Grizelle Gonzalez

Abundance and diversity of hummingbird flower mites in Heliconia caribaea 
Ivette Peterson, Elvia Melendez-Ackerman and Ariel Diaz.

Summer 2006

Millipede abundance and their effect on the litter decomposition in the Tabonuco Forest
Juliana Belen-Rodriguez and Grizelle Gonzalez

Determining the presence of hummingbird flower mites in Heliconia caribaea in a humid tropical forest in Puerto Rico
Carolyn Cabrera, Elvia Melendez-Ackerman and Ariel Diaz

The effect of light on the reproductive effort and success in Vanilla poitaei Rebecca Clasen and James D. Ackerman

Environmental factors affecting fungi development
Karla I. Claudio-Campos and J. Lodge

Light environments in the riparian zones and roads of the Luquillo Experimental Forest 
Joanne M. Fernandez-Lopez and Fred Scatena

Impacts of disturbances and elevation on arachnid diversity in the Luquillo Mountains 
Danielle M. Knight and Paul Klawinski

Light attenuation in tropical streams ecosystems
Sharon Machin-Rivera and Jorge R. Ortiz-Zayas

Role of Invertebrates on leaf decomposition in tropical streams in the Luquillo Experimental Forest, Puerto Rico
Myriam O'Neill-Lopez and Alonso Ramirez

Summer 2005

Testing rapid bio-assessment protocols for aquatic habitats in a tropical urban stream 
Carmen De Jesus and Jorge Ortiz

Differential decomposition rates across two arthropod communities and three leaf litter types in the Luquillo Experimental Forest
Laura Hartz and Paul Klawinski

Influence of human recreational activities on populations of Neritina virginea in Espiritu Santo River
Enrique Marrero and Juan F. Blanco

The role of predators in structuring tropical stream communities in Puerto Rico
Maria Ocasio and Todd Crowl

Influence of habitat morphology on shrimp abundance in the Quebrada Prieta
Coralys Ortiz and Fred Scatena

Examining the importance of tropical freshwater shrimps in the cycling of fine particulate organic matter
Alexandra Santana and Wyatt Cross

The importance of aquatic insects in the movement of fine organic matter in rivers 
Lizmar Silvestrini and Alonso Ramirez

Understanding distribution patterns of the terrestrial orchid Prescottia stachyodes (Swartz) Lindley at the Luquillo Forest Dynamics Plot (LFDP) Puerto Rico, based on land use history, habitat, and ecological relationships
Melissa Whitman and James Ackerman

Summer 2004 

The Distribution of a saprophytic orchid Wullschlaegelia calcarata in relation to land use history in Puerto Rico
Erin Bergman and James Ackerman

Drift patterns of shrimp and insect larvae in streams with contrasting fish assemblages
Rahiza De Thomas and Jorge R. Ortiz

Flow duration and riparian vegetation in the Luquillo Mountains
Emmanuelle Humblet and Fred N. Scatena

Xiphocaris elongata and leaf litter decomposition in a tropical island stream system
Christine Mingione and Todd Crowl

The fungus-growing ant Cyphomyrmex minutus: colony composition and impact of a parasitoid wasp
Angel Perez and Jess K. Zimmerman

What are the Ephemeroptera using as substrate to feed on in the rivers in El Yunque? 
Karina Robles and Alonso Ramirez

Marine - freshwater linkages: importance of larval and post-larval freshwater shrimp in the diet of fish in two tropical estuaries
Zoe Rodriguez and Catherine M. Pringle

The effect of decomposer functional groups on decomposition rates
Michael Strickland and Paul Klawinski

Effects of freshwater shrimp on the life history of mayflies (Ephemeroptera) in Luquillo Experimental Forest streams
Ceidy Torres and Alonso Ramirez

Reproductive effort and distribution in different soil type for Wullschlaegelia calcarata Benth (Orchidaceae)
Christian Torres and James D. Ackerman

Summer 2003 

Effects of land use history and environmental factors on fern distribution in the Luquillo Mountains, Puerto Rico
Gina V. Collignon and Jess K. Zimmerman

Past land use effects on litter fauna in the Luquillo Experimental Forest
Zack A. Danek and Xiaoming Zou

Effects of shrimp on mayfly growth by controlling algal resources in Quebrada Prieta, Puerto Rico
Chris M. Gilmer and Alonso Ramirez

Effects of shrimp on mayfly abundance by controlling food resources in Quebrada Prieta
Lournet Martinez and Alonso Ramirez

Distribution of Neritina virginea in streams of Puerto Rico
Dani Newcomb and Juan F. Blanco

The effect of nitrogen addition on litter decomposer basidiomycete fungi 
Sara K. Ward and Jean Lodge

The effects of nitrogen additions on tree growth in the Bisley Experimental Watersheds and the Rio Icacos Basin, Luquillo Experimental Forest, Puerto Rico
Rebecca Weatherhall and William McDowell

Conditioned allochthonous inputs and tropical freshwater shrimp feeding preferences
Vanessa Welsh and Todd Crowl